Les 5 meilleures protections hygiéniques à utiliser lorsqu'on fait du sport

The 5 best hygienic protections to use when playing sports

Every month, women face the same question: what is the best sanitary protection to use during menstruation? With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose. But don't worry, we have prepared a guide to the five best protections for you.

5 - Sanitary Napkins – Reliability and Simplicity

Benefits :

Sanitary napkins are another classic option. They are particularly suitable for normal flows and can be used in addition to other protections such as buffers for more abundant flows.


Sanitary napkins are not very environmentally friendly, most of them are neither biodegradable nor recyclable.

The cost of disposable sanitary protection can very quickly increase depending on the duration of the cycle and its intensity.

4 - Tampons - Classic but Effective

Benefits :

Tampons are a popular option for many women. They are discreet and allow great freedom of movement.


It is important to choose chemical-free tampons and change them regularly to avoid toxic shock syndrome.

It also has the disadvantages of sanitary napkins: cost and ecological impact.

3 - The Menstrual Cup - Ecological and Economical

Benefits :

The menstrual cup is gaining popularity thanks to its reduced environmental impact and long-term cost. It can be reused for several years.


The menstrual cup requires good hygiene practice: clean it thoroughly each time it is used and disinfect it before and after each start of the cycle.

You also have to be very comfortable placing it and removing it, which can slow down many women.

2 - Menstrual Panties - For Light Flow Days

Benefits :

Period panties are ideal for light flow days or as a complement to other protection. They are easy to use, ecological and economical. They offer comfort and safety all day long.


Depending on the model, menstrual panties may be less suitable for heavy flows and there may be a risk of leaking or overflowing.

1 - The Menstrual Boxer - Unparalleled Comfort and Protection

In first position, we have the menstrual boxer briefs, a revolution in the world of hygienic protection. Designed to provide maximum comfort without compromising protection, these boxers are made with high-quality absorbent materials, ensuring leak-free safety for up to 12 hours. Its slim fit and design make it perfect for all activities, whether at work, at the gym, or during a quiet night.

Its shape is invisible under even the tightest clothing and allows you to move in complete peace of mind without any limits.

Choosing the right sanitary protection depends on your individual needs and lifestyle.