Comment nettoyer ses culottes menstruelles ?

How to clean your period panties?

In this article, we will explore the best methods for cleaning your period panties, ensuring they are durable and effective. Period panties are an ecological and comfortable alternative to disposable menstrual products, but their maintenance can raise questions. Luckily, cleaning them is easier than it seems!

1 - Pre-wash in cold water:
Start by rinsing your panties in cold water immediately after use. This helps remove blood and prevents staining. Avoid hot water as it can set blood stains.

2 - Hand or machine wash:
You can wash your period panties by hand or in the machine. If you choose the machine, use a washing bag to protect them. Opt for a delicate cycle and avoid high temperatures.

3 - Choice of detergent:
Use a mild detergent without bleaches or softeners. These products can alter the absorbency and elasticity of the fabric.

4 - Drying:
Do not put your period panties in the dryer. Open air is the best choice. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight as this may discolor the fabric.

5 - Storage:
Once dry, fold your period panties and store them in a clean, dry place. Avoid damp spaces to prevent mold growth.

Cleaning your period panties is a simple and essential process to maintain their effectiveness and comfort. By following these steps, you will extend their lifespan and contribute to a more sustainable approach to menstrual management.