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Sports Menstrual Boxer

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Color: Black
Size: XS
Matter: Cotton 95%
Sports Menstrual Boxer
Sports Menstrual Boxer
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PLEASE NOTE : Before ordering, check the size table carefully!

No need to remember to check your protection every 5 minutes

These menstrual boxers are your ultimate ally to stay active and confident during your period. Designed especially for athletic women, this revolutionary underwear combines comfort, protection and freedom of movement to allow you to fully concentrate on your sporting performance, without being distracted by the challenges posed by your period. 


The 4 ultra-absorbent layers of these menstrual boxers are specially designed to offer a natural solution to humidity. Made from eco-friendly materials, these layers act as a natural barrier against moisture, allowing you to stay dry during your sporting activities while minimizing your impact on the planet.


These menstrual boxers are mainly made from 95% bamboo, a renewable and environmentally friendly resource. Bamboo is known for its natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which help neutralize odors effectively. By opting for these boxers, you are choosing a natural solution that takes care of your body while preserving nature. 


These menstrual boxers draw their remarkable absorption power from carefully chosen natural materials. Thanks to their ability to effectively absorb moisture, these materials allow you to stay dry for up to 12 hours, guaranteeing you reliable protection throughout the day, without ever sacrificing your comfort or well-being.


These menstrual boxers are designed to provide natural protection against leaks. Its capacity to hold the equivalent of 4 tampons gives you peace of mind, while minimizing the use of harmful chemicals. By choosing this menstrual underwear, you are choosing a solution that respects your body and nature.


By choosing these menstrual boxers, you stop spending every month on disposable period protection. This lingerie item is suitable for all women and has a lifespan of 5 to 7 years. A single pair of these boxers can save you the equivalent of 2275 tampons over a period of 7 years.

How it works ? 

It's easy... It's like wearing your normal panties. You don't need anything else because it's these boxers that do everything for you.

Not sure if this suits you? 

You no longer have to hesitate. 

Test the boxers for one cycle (30 days)!

If you're not satisfied, we'll give you your money back, no questions asked.

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